Stuff I've Built

Be it models that I have designed or by others,  I love to papercraft. Mostly i like to build characters but every once in while I'll make something mechanical or a building or what have you.  This is where I can show off what I have been up to as far as model building goes.

Aerith Gainsborough (Designed By Kaizo)

Barret Wallace (Designed By Kaizo)

Cait Sith (Designed By Kaizo)

Cid Highwind (Designed By Kaizo)

Cloud Strife (Designed By Kaizo)

President Shinra (Designed By Aravin)

Red XIII (Designed By Kaizo)

Yuffie Kisaragi (Designed By Kaizo)

Banora White (Designed By Kaizo)

Blitzball Cup (Designed By Aravin)

Felyne (????)

Jenova's Head Case (Designed By Aravin)